Siwa Creations

Siwa Creations proudly carries a collection of hand-embroidered garments, linens and jewelry that spring from the soul of a people who have mastered the art of living in harmony with their surroundings. Inspired by the natural forms of this remote desert oasis, and brought to life in hues of red, black, yellow, orange, green and more, their work captures Siwa’s essence in elegant designs for today.  Fusing the traditional and the modern, the unique collection includes: galabeyas (traditional gowns), abbayas (cloaks), blouses, shawls, sarongs, babouches (moccasins), linens, and necklaces, bracelets, rings and headdresses. 

A Fading Art
For generations, Siwan women embroidered hand-woven cotton, leather moiré and linen from Upper Egypt to produce textiles of extraordinary beauty and artistic design.  But beginning several years ago, access to quality raw materials fell, modern production technologies spread and the pressure to produce saleable items grew.  Siwan embroidery deteriorated as a consequence, and fewer and fewer Siwan girls acquired the skills to produce these crafts.

Siwa Creations was founded in 2001 to help Siwan women develop and sell their exquisite designs.  It began with 5 elderly Siwan women training 50 women and girls in the traditional techniques of Siwan embroidery.  To date, more than 300 Siwan artisans have participated, and many others are eagerly waiting for the chance to join. 

Together, old and young, experts and novices, have mended a frayed piece of Siwan culture and restored a precious link between the generations.  For years to come their embroidery will broaden the vocabulary of Siwan self-expression and enliven the portrait of Siwan identity, enticing individuals around the world to explore this culture and contribute to its sustainable prosperity. 

Our work, and your appreciation of it, will ensure this future.

Visit the Siwa Creations boutique in Siwa at Adrère Amellal, or in Cairo at:

17 Ahmad Heshmat
1st Floor
Zamalek, Cairo.