Siwa Organics

Siwa Organics presents Siwa, a family of organic products, including extra virgin olive oil, green and black pickled olives, olive jam, olive paste, semi-dried dates, date syrup, date paste, date ingots and sycamore jam, lovingly harvested by Siwan hands, and irrigated by the natural springs of one of the world’s last surviving pristine oases. 

Free of chemical fertilizers and untouched by herbicides and pesticides, the fertile land of Siwa is fed by the Nubian aquifer through 230 natural freshwater springs.  The farmers who grow Siwa produce continue to cultivate and harvest their crops as their forefathers did for many millennia.  The result is a range of flavors as pure as Siwa. 

Struggling Against Market Pressures
Agriculture has always been the mainstay of Siwa’s economy, and Siwan farmers still export the oasis’ two main crops, dates and olives, to traders in Alexandria as they have for generations.  But in recent years, the prices those traders pay has dropped, and Siwan farmers are falling into debts that can take years to settle, or worse, that force them to sell precious pieces of land. 

The Price of Purity
Remarkably, in an age of corporate agro-giants and genetically engineered super-crops, nearly all Siwan land remains uncontaminated by chemicals, thanks to its isolation from the outside world.  But with farmers under pressure to squeeze more from their land using chemical fertilizers, it is not likely to remain so pristine. 

The Promise of Sustainability
To address these imbalances, EQI works with local farmers to develop organic agricultural products, and promotes them in foreign markets where demand is greater. Siwa aims to introduce the world to these delicacies, raising revenue for Siwan farmers without polluting their land, and spreading the message that Siwan land is a treasure worthprotecting.

Information on Purchasing Siwa products
Visit the Siwa Shop in Cairo at:
17 Ahmad Heshmat
1st Floor Zamalek, Cairo.
Contact: Mounir Nakhla