Shali lLodge

With an energy-saving kershef design, indigenous hand-made crafts, local culinary specialties and a warm and thoughtful staff, Shali Lodge presents an authentic Siwan getaway.
The construction of Shali Lodge using kershef, a mixture of sun-dried salt, mud and sand that naturally insulates against the summer heat and the crisp desert night, reduces the use of non-renewable energy and has helped revive a dying Siwan craft. The continued success of Shali Lodge also generates a range of needed employment opportunities for the local community. 
Moreover, Shali Lodge challenges a misconception among Siwans that concrete, mass-production and electric-power are the hallmarks of a successful business, even despite their cost to Siwan culture. Shali Lodge stakes its own success on the principle that Siwan culture is worth protecting, and aims to lead Siwan entrepreneurs by example.